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Oct 21, 2012 8:00am PDT
. >> okay if governor romney should be president romney and president obama loses in the next election, what would that mean for the gay and lesbian community, do you think? >> it would be an enormous setback. >> you, by the way, we should say, grew up mormon. >> i did grow up mormon in utah. i still have a lot of affection for the faith of my childhood. i still have family members who are devowed and go to church every sunday and practicing mormons and practice it to perfection, but they still support me. this is where i think governor romney has missed the boat. in making a choice between, he felt like he had to make a choice between faith and what was in the best interest of the entire citizenry. he shouldn't have made the choice he made. they have gone to exclude so many, not just lgbt people, but so many people from the fairness and equality and justice in in the country, if he were to win the election in november, it would be an enormous setback for our community. he would roll back gains we have made under the obama administration. i think about this as a mother and a person who care
Oct 14, 2012 8:00am PDT
feels energized because of romney's original performance in the first debate. the polls have come up a little bit. if he wants to keep that going he has to keep the a-game going. paul ryan is part of that. we will see another debate next week out of new york. this will be bang, bang, bang. the fact is there is no room for error on either side at this point. we only have less than a month until the election. >> i think they are expecting one of these sides to make his mark by having a big goof up. >> i was going to say somebody may. >> yes. and that says a lot since paul ryan is guy who has written a budget, at least it is out there for debate. so, we will learn more about it, the appalled thinks. >> yes. and this will have happened by the time you see this. let's movie onto the propositions, with 30 and 38, because these provide tax money for education. they kind of do the same thing. 30 says we will tax people over $250,000 a year for seven years and ups the sales tax by a quarter percent for everybody across the board. if i don't make $250,000 but i shop i will pay a little mor
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2